Wednesday, May 25, 2016

My Thoughts On - Fellside by M.R. Carey

The new novel from the author of The Girl With All The Gifts!
If you read The Girl With All The Gifts, you know not to expect a typical plot even if the story summary seems straight forward. A woman kills a child and goes to prison for it. The kid's ghost hunts her but he tells her she was not the one who hurt him. She then tries to find out who did. Simple, right? But don't be fooled. M. R. Carey has a world of dreams waiting intertwined with brutally realistic depiction of the life of inmates and prison. All important characters have their own back story integrated so well into the story they seems as a continuous stream of narration making this novel a fluid read. 
The great thing is the plot twist is well hidden until it creeps on you at the very end. 
Although this is a good novel, when you compare it to The Girl With All The Gifts it seems lacking in someway. The gripping narrative of The Girl With All The Gifts is unique and tough to top. None the less, Fellside is a great book by itself and definitely worth the read. 

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