Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Review - Contagious by Jonah Berger

Why things catch on? The secret is STEPPS, which is explained step by step in each chapter of the book. The marketing strategies are explained each with many examples and real life events.  Showing what is hidden in each marketing campaign and indicating the key mechanism that made it work or flop.

The writing is very easy to read and keeps the reader engaged because it does not assume that the reader know everything. It explains in simple imaginative ways to make the point understood. 
Each chapter is divided in subsection making the transition between different concepts easy to follow.
Although the book explains why things catch on it is not a how-to-do-it kind of book. It does not give practical step by step approach to create a marketing strategy. It simply presents the theory behind some of the most successful or failed marketing campaigns in various businesses. 
Reading this book helped me open my eyes to what ads or companies are trying to say, what is their message or their targeted audience. It makes me think about the tools they are using to reach their goal and ponder if they are using on or more of the STEPPS keys. This allows to have a more proactive interaction with TV ads and commercials in general. It makes the experience much more fun and some what intellectual.

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