Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Review - The Girl With All The Gifts by M. R. Carey

So I noticed this book before on the internet but never gave it a second thought. While I was browsing my public library’s self for something new to read, the bright yellow/orange cover caught my eyes.
But the cover is not the only attractive think about this book, the subtle way the story opens and it introduces the reality of the story is well done. I know that many reviews have gave the push away but it did not affect the emotional shock it creates when the reader realizes who the girl is and why she is in a military base. The way the little girl realizes her identity and battles her nature for the sack of her love for her teacher is gripping. The plot is woven with actions, emotions and dialogues that continues to hold you until the very last word.
This book challenges the notion that humans are the ultimate being of evolution and that anymore mutations will lead to monsters that need to be eradicated. It makes you think what if earth and the next generation are better off without us. Can we give them that chance even if it means our extension?
Despite these philosophical questions, and the emotional connection between the girl and her teacher, make no mistake this novel is a horror story. No doubt about it. Some scenes are truly vivid and it makes the night and quiet day seem creepy in real life. I, for one, stopped going down to the basement for a couple of days after reading this novel. It really gets in your head.  
It’s a wonderful novel about a journey of self-discovery and survival, were hope is as dangerous as fear.

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