Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Review - Before The Fall by Noah Hawley

A plane crashes in the ocean and only a man and a boy survives. What happened? This is the nagging questions that all the involved parties try to answer.
This novel does a great job at showing how faith and human choices conspired to gather the plane’s passengers on that one flight and how the mass and the media are trying to analyse their actions in hindsight. The reader is presented by the background story and events of all the passengers that lead them to get on that plane including their families. The airplanes crew and the investigators are also scrutinized by the author digging deep into their past without hindering the progression of the plot. Every story is unique and all the characters had depth and personality to make their actions seem the plausible thing to do.
Although the novel was a quick read it is not a fast pace thriller since the story mimics the agonizing lengthy search for the plane debris and bodies.
Despite the great writing style and the well-rounded plot this novel is a good read but not a memorable one. I didn't feel an eager to devour the book nor to know the ending. There weren’t any scenes that made me connect emotionally to the book. I didn't feel frustration with the long search nor pity for the lonely survivors nor even angry when I knew the raison for the crash. All of those emotions would have made me connect and engage more with novel and making it more memorable. Instead the novel felt like a long news bulletin on TV that caught my interest and watched but then as soon as it was done I closed the set and moved on with my life not taking anything with me.

In brief, good read but hard to recommend.

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