Monday, May 8, 2017

My Thoughts On - Dark Matter by Blake Crouch

This is a fast pace Sci-Fi thriller that gripped me from page one.

Jason is a physics professor and his wife Danielle is a stay-at-home mom. They both could have been much more but they decided to have a life and a son together.
What happens when Jason is kidnapped and then given a shot at being the researcher he dreamt to be? Will he take it? Or will he fight to get back to his family? With unusual twists and mind bending science, this novel keeps you at the edge of your seat.
This Sci-Fi is very well written with a smooth plot, believable characters and an accurate use of science and scientific theories.
While I was reading it, it reminded me of The Martian simply because Jason has a scientific approach to his problems and solves each obstacles before going to the next. Unlike The Martian, it isn't a comedy, although there is some comical relief moments in the plot.  
I would love to see this novel as a movie since it has a fast pace and the potential for amazing visuals.

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