Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Review - This One Summer by Marika and Jillian Tamaki

The reason I borrowed this graphic novel from the library is the media hype it generated. The premise is about This One Summer that is different and important in Rose's life where her parents fight and she and her friend Windy get to see teenagers live their drama-filled summer with all the crying and heartaches.

That is it. I failed to see the depth in the story and I was unable to relate to the characters, anyone of them. The main protagonist Rose was a simple observer in her parents story which lacked something, specially about the reasoning behind the mother's behaviour. Rose, like any other child who sees her parents fighting,  runs and distract herself with other things, which is here the teenagers of Awago Beach drama. I fail to see how this is The "One Summer" that made a difference in her gowning up experience. I can only see a small character growth and life goes on for Rose. This type of story telling is similar to slice of life manga type which only shows how the characters live their life dealing with the up and down of everyday life. 
I certainly enjoyed the graphics. The art was refreshing with the use of the blue ink instead of black to give the novel a unique feel. Maybe it was to give the illusion that the pages were bleached by the summer's shining sun bringing the reader deeper in to the wold of Awago Beach. 
Unfortunately, it was only an OK read for me. 

What's your take on this award winning graphic novel? Did I miss something while reading it? Share your opinion in the comment below or on Twitter #ThisOneSummer

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