Thursday, August 14, 2014

Review - The Deep by Jen Minkman

Leia and Walt head to an adventure to the World Across the Waters to explore their ancestor's world but they are going to be shocked with what the new world holds for them and when they think everything is alright, that's when it goes horribly wrong. As for Alisa, She and the whole island is struggling to comprehend the broadness of the world and turmoil, tragedy and love fill the air on both side of the island.

Yet again, Jen Minkman tackles important  and heavy subjects without them weighting down on the story or the fluidity of the plot. In this novel, you can see how peace itself can be taken to a frightening extreme and how giving second chances can transform people.

I liked the book! It had a nice flow with the interchanging point of views between Leia to Alisa allowing the reader to see a constantly moving plot. I got really nothing to complain about in this book. The characters are well portrayed and their growth seems real and plausible. It is a well done and a great ending to the trilogy. I enjoyed every piece of it.
I have to say that Sol`s story just got me. It seemed like yet another version of the Beauty and the Beast with a Minkman's twist. It is an eye opening (or in this case heart opening) experience.

All in all, an enjoyable and a recommended read.

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