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Review - A Walk Across the Sun by Corban Addison

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Title: A walk Across the Sun
Author: Corban Addison
Publisher: SilverOak
Page number: 384
genres: Novel
Language: English

When a tsunami rages through their coastal town in India, 17-year-old Ahalya Ghai and her 15-year-old sister Sita are left orphaned and homeless. With almost everyone they know suddenly erased from the face of the earth, the girls set out for the convent where they attend school. They are abducted almost immediately and sold to a Mumbai brothel owner, beginning a hellish descent into the bowels of the sex trade. Halfway across the world, Washington, D.C., attorney Thomas Clarke faces his own personal and professional crisis-and makes the fateful decision to pursue a pro bono sabbatical working in India for an NGO that prosecutes the subcontinent's human traffickers. There, his conscience awakens as he sees firsthand the horrors of the trade in human flesh, and the corrupt judicial system that fosters it. Learning of the fate of Ahalya and Sita, Clarke makes it his personal mission to rescue them, setting the stage for a riveting showdown with an international network of ruthless criminals. - Goodreads

 A Walk Across the Sun is a great story of success, failure, fear and courage. There are many elements that makes this novel worth the read.

It is very hard to choose the words to praise a novel with such a heavy and delicate subject, but what I can say is this novel had what it takes to keep me reading until the last page.
A walk Across the Sun kept me on edge most of the time. I thought: what is going to happen next? Is she going to make it? Will they succeed? Sometimes, I jumped in excitement or in others, closed the book shut from frustration. All of that made me want to know more about the faith of two Indian girls who had to make their way through hardship unimaginable by common people.
The plot was well put and I liked how the story shifts from the girls' point of view to Thomas'.
Despite the main theme of the novel, the sex trade, there is absolutely no explicit graphic description, only the shame, the sorrow, and the raging emotions of the girls or simple descriptions just enough to make the reader understand the situation. I was really grateful to this because I would have never finished the novel if there was explicit seances.
I liked the depth of the characters. The personal life of Thomas and his struggle to save his marriage while he tries to save Ahalya and Sita added to his personality and made him more human like character.

To sums it up, A walk Across the Sun brings to readers a small glimpse of the life of thousands if not millions of people who are enslaved to the sex trade industry all over the world and the life of those who are trying to set them free.


This novel was sent to my in exchange of a honest review. I did not receive any monetary compensation for it.

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