Monday, March 20, 2017

Review - Wild by Cheryl Strayed

I had a hard time getting into this book and I think reading the reviews, specially the bad ones, was a mistake, because it made me dread the read instead of getting excited about it.
The only way I was able to continue reading was when I thought of the story as a novel (fiction) and not as a real life event. The fact that the book was turned into a movie helped my imagination because I was able to see Cheryl as Reese Witherspoon in my head as I read along. 
Still, it was hard at the beginning to get into the book because she talked about the family drama that led her to take on the PCT(Pacific Crest Trail) but I was only interested by her experience on the PCT and all the struggles and wonders of hiking alone. So until she got to the PCT, I was not enjoying the book but once she was there, it was fun following her adventure.

In the reviews I read, many have criticized her experience as well as her writing. 
I thing there is nothing wrong with her experience since it was personal and the book was all about her own experience. This is what Cheryl went through and she is telling her story whether the reader liked the fact that she hitch hiked a ride or took detours or how unprepared she was. That is what she went through and I appreciate her sharing her story. The only part that shocked me and really made me questions if I should be reading this book was the weird gross thing she did with her mother's ashes (the big boney parts at least. You have to read it to know what i'm talking about). When I read that part, I thought she was crazy and not in the good sense of the word.
As for her writing, it could have been better. I noticed like all others her need to triple use a word for emphasis, instead of using a stronger word or describing the feeling or the action. Some editing mistakes were also apparent for example her use of the same exact description for the sky and mountains on the same page.
What kept me reading was my need to know if she actually reached her goal and how she will resume her life after the PCT.
A lot of the things she did, I couldn't relate to, but this book ignited a curiosity about hiking and connected to my drive to see the outdoors.

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