Sunday, January 8, 2017

Shadowhunters- The Mortal Intruments TV series

The second season of Shadowhunters just started this weekend and I am super excited!

I'll be honest. I thought the first season was not mega superb. The actors were not very experienced, with some scenes being completely cheesy and laugh worthy. 
Plus, the plot flow was a bit lagging at moments and the dialogue scripts were not great. 

Despite all of that I was hooked.

 I watched every episode without fail on Wednesday and discussed the show with my sister. What is it with Shadowhunters that keeps me coming back as many other viewers who made the show a success on TV and Netflix?
For me, it's the original story. I liked reading the novels.

The love story twists and the fight of Clarissa to adapt to the new world she discovered  and to become strong and fight for what is right is very appealing.  Also, it is not just about one girl. It is the story of all the shadowhunters and each is important for the advancement of the story. 
This interesting story was difficult to adapt to a movie. Not because the actors were not right but because the two hours long film format could not handle all the material in the book. The TV show is a much better format to introduce an entirely new world where all the legends are true.

Also the big and the small screen couldn't seem to get Clary's hair color right. In the movie it's dark and in the TV show it's very light. She is a redhead not an orange. 

Whatever the reasons for making the TV show good or bad, I am hooked and I can't wait to see how the second season unfolds!

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