Friday, July 22, 2016

Bird Themed Books To Read

Call me obsessed, but I like birds a lot. Unfortunately, living in a big city like Montreal limits the type and number of birds I can see. This does not mean I won't go looking for them wherever I can, even in books.

Here is a list of bird themed books I would like to read:

(For more info on each book. Click the link in their title to read their summary on Goodreads) 

Non Fiction

The Great Animal Orchestra

Unlikely Friendships

The Genius of Birds

The Rarest Bird in The World


I don't limit myself to non fiction. Many fiction books also have a bird related theme and it shows in their covers.

Six of Crows

Harry Potter and The Cursed Child

The Atomic Weight of Love

Spinning Starlight

Cents ans de solitude

Even comics don't escape me.


And the books that use an ostrich to make a point also make the list.

You Are Not So Smart

What type of bird themed books do you have on your list?

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