Tuesday, June 14, 2016

My Thoughts On - Me Before You by Jojo Moyes

Yet another book I read because the movie is coming out soon.
This novel follows the character of Lou Clark as she becomes the carer of Will, a quadriplegic. Will became paralyzed after an unfortunate motorcycle accident.
Despite the heavy subjects of the novel, paralysis, spinal cord injury associated pain and the right to end ones suffering; it is a quick read that brings joy and a tremendous amount of tears to the reader. All the characters have depth and are well developed without getting into lengthy details. I imagined the characters as the actors in the film which helped me see the story more vividly. This was possible since there wasn’t any specific character description, physically speaking, which allows for a greater space for imagination. The plot moves with ease, gripping every inch of your attention. I spent hours a day reading the book staying awake late at night just to finish a chapter, wanting to know what will happen next.
A great read that makes you ask yourself some big questions.
Now it is impossible for me to imaging the amount of pain quadriplegics go through and how the sudden change alters their lives tremendously and I have no right to tell anyone how to live their lives but I want to say this.
Even though research is slow, there is hope. I recently came past a research group that developed an implant that stimulates the spine in order to regain limb function. They did the animal studies and the human ones are on their way. Link to the video. There is also stem cell research in order to regenerate the damaged spine in the first phase of clinical trials. A recent article in Nature News, talked about the first paralyzed person to be able to move their hands.
I just want to show that many people are working hard to find a treatment.

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