Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Review - The Girl on the Train by Poula Hawkins

The story is about Rachel who sees the houses near the tracks on her daily commute and observe her Jason and Jess living their happy perfect life, but everything changes when Jess is reported missing after Rachel have seen something disturbing at their house.

The wonderful thing about this story is that there is no knowing who is saying the truth. Is Rachel reliable, is Megan disturbed, or is Anna delusional? All of the three narrators are not trustworthy and all have a motive to lie and this makes finding the truth and the one behind Megan's disappearance a mystery until the end.
The plot is well woven and the pace is just right to keep the reader flipping the pages craving for the truth or a hint of it to come to the surface.The characters and their own personal struggles are intricately explored and utilized to advance the story line. It is a captivating story about three women living different lives discovering that they are all connected by a single event.

A recommended read for all thriller's fans.

Side note: so I read that many people read this novel because it is the next Gone Girl but to me who did not read Gone Girl and only saw the movie I had another motive to read this thriller.I love trains. Simple as that. They fascinate me and to have a story in this setting is intriguing.

Did you read this novel? if yes, what made you pick it up? Share your motive with me @LivresBiscuits

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