Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Review - Please Look After Mom by Kyung Sook Shin

My first Korean novel to read. 
I have developed an interest in the Korean culture after I watched many Korean series and got to have a glimpse at their way of life. Therefore, I was excited to read a novel written by a Korean author for the first time. The book was also promising since, it is an international bestseller that is translated in more than 32 languages.

The first chapter was slightly confusing because I never read a novel from this unique point of view. It is in the second person point of view, using you and your to narrate the story as if we are one of the daughters. 
"The family is gathered at your eldest brother Hyung-Chol's house, bouncing ideas off each other. You decide to make flyers and hand them out where mom was last seen."
This type of narration makes the reader be the character, therefore more emotions are invested in the events that unfold throughout the novel.The concerned, the confused, the guilt and the regret, all feel personal. 
What makes the story even more personnel, is it theme, the mother and child relationship through the different stages of life. We all have a mother and we all have a special relationship with her but there are still common events that happened to all of us. One of them is the regret of not apologizing to our mom in time because we thought we can make it up to them anytime later. Well, what if they suddenly disappear? How would you feel? How will you continue with your life? Have you said I love you to your loved ones enough times? Have you hugged them and thanked them for being there with you? Have you thought of your mother more than just that? a mom? or more as a women who once was also a child with dreams and a future? I think these are some of the questions the novel tries to makes us ponder upon and open a conversation about.
The other chapters change narrators between the mother's children, then the husband and finally the mom herself is given a voice to tell her side of the story which moved me to tears. 
The flow of the novel is fantastic. The back stories are put in the right places and well used to give an overall picture of the characters' life and understand the struggle or the reason for their action. I kept reading to know what happened to the mother. Will they find her? and why did she disappear? I was on edge and overwhelmed with all sorts of emotions. So, expect to shed many tears and to have lumps in your throat while reading. Recommend for everyone.
P.S. If you still have a chance go to your mom now and have a conversation with her, thank her and hug her. For all moms are precious and loved.

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