Thursday, June 5, 2014

Review - Avatar The Last Airbender: The Rift Part 1

This story takes Aang and his friends through a new adventure as they go celebrate a forgotten Air Nomad holidays and find a factory run by fire and earth benders suspected to be polluting a nearby river.

Just like The Search was all about Zuko, his search for his mom and finding his past, The Rift will be about Toph, her own adventure and her struggle to make peace with her parents. Toph though out story stays by her beliefs and values which really shows how strong she is. There is also a hint to a possible love story for her, but I might be going ahead of myself her. So if you are a fan of this tough strong woman, this is the series for you.
The artwork  is awesome as always and the flow of the story is great. It is wonderful to still be able to live in that world though these comics without the story losing any of it brilliance and interest.
I noticed that the characters are showing some growth. They seem a bit taller and more mature. They are no longer the kids we knew from the TV show which brings a sense of natural continuity to the plot.
All in all, this story is still running and I don't see an end at sight which makes me extremely happy.

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