Wednesday, January 22, 2014

NEWS - Les revues Livres et Biscuits is back!!

After more than 4 months of hiatus, Les revues Livres et Biscuits is finally back to working mode and with a new look!!

There are still many thing that will be tweaked around the blog and pages to update that hopefully will be done soon enough (in a month or two).

There are several reviews coming up, most are books that I read during that 4 month hiatus period. I am also trying to catch up with all the books and ebooks that were sent to me for review. I am truly sorry about the huge delay. This explains why for the moment I don't accept any review offres. As soon as I finish with the books on the waiting list, I will be available once again.

So the reviews that will be on the blog soon are:
47 Ronin by Mike Richardson
Run, Swim, Throw, Cheat by Chris cooper
Le sport au feminin par Dr Caroline Payot-Podevin

I started reading The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare so I am waiting to finish all six books to write a review about the whole series. There is really no change that I will stale and stop reading unless the rest 4 books are nothing like the first two, but I'll see when I get there.

Je veux egalement essayer de lire plus de livres français. Le style de cet langue me manque beaucoup.

All of that is making me so excited about the upcoming year!! What are you reading for 2014? Share your reading plans with me!

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