Monday, May 6, 2013

Review - Shadow of Time by Jen Minkman

Shadow of Time is a great read. The journey of Hannah's search to find out about her hunting past was captivating.

The book kept me interested as Hannah put the pieces of the puzzle together, piece by piece, to understand what was hunting her and it connection to Josh, who is more than just her childhood friend.
All the characters in the book were lovable, but Josh's personality is what caught my attention. I actually fell in love with his character. He is honest with his emotions most of the time (except when it comes to Hannah). He is also depicted as the good guy, the righteous, without being one dimensional which is a trap all good character's fall into.
The love story between Hannah and Josh is sweet and some scene actually made me smile happily. The gradual development of their love reflected its depth and its maturity in a fresh fashion.

The sister/brother relationship between Hannah and Ben is equality great. Ben is depicted as the solid rock on which Hannah can stand and fight for her sanity and find her past.

Another aspect that caught my attention and impressed me tremendously is the setting of the novel. The story happens in the US near a Navajo reserve. The author, Jen Minkman, indicates at the end of the book that she never set foot in North America  Her being able to include many details about the Navajo people and their life and legends without ever visiting is amazing. I am no expert on native Americans  but based on my general culture, I was not able to tell that all these information about the natives came from extensive research if the author have not indicated it herself.

Over all, the journey into the legends of the Navajo people and Hannah's adventure was a pleasing read.
Recommended if you want a relaxed and easy read.

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