Saturday, September 22, 2012

Review - Anthology I: The other sidee by Hamidah Gul

This review might surprise most of those who know me, because I usually do not like horror stories but I accepted to read and review this self published work of fiction because I thought it had a similar feeling to Edgar Allan Poe's stories which are awesome even though they are dark and gloomy. So, I said to myself why not read this book.

I was a bit disappointed to be honest. It did not scare me at all. Plus, I felt disgusted at some gory scenes.
There was also two related stories of science-fiction which I thought had nothing to do with the rest of the theme of the book unless aliens are scary to some people, but to me they are not (just like vampires and werewolves too). So, I had a certain expectations that they were not met,but it was not all that bad and here is why.

The author have some wild imagination. Both "The best Friend" and "Mary Had a Little Lamb"  have a nice twist to their plot. You will never expect the ending. Another nice exhibition of depth and creativity is "The Children of the Mist" where is it not only about scaring the reader but also about sending a message about the choices on make and their impact on our lives. The book is an easy read, just above 100 pages, so it only took half a day to finish it. I enjoyed it.

Some might think I am being generous by giving the book 3 out of 5 cookies, but there was nothing detestable about the book to make me rate it any lower. I was well written for its style. I enjoyed the authors twists and there was good flow to each story. It might not be the best work of Hamidah Gul, but I can definitely see potential for her future works.


Have you read any horror stories lately? Do you think our society is now insensible and doesn't get scared easily?

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