Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Updates and Trivia

So I don't have a review for you guys this week, because well a lot of things are distracting me from my readings and my blog.
I had a back injury ( at such a young age, awful, I know) and needed rest for four days. I could have read while resting, but... I was distracted with my new obsession.....

Muset Ozil, a German Real Madrid football player (or if you like soccer player)

He is such a great player and a cute one too. I have been watching a couple of his matches. He is a joy to watch. Can't wait for the clubs session to start this year..

Anyways back to the book blogging world.
I have a couple of news to share with you guys. 
First, la bibliothèque et archive nationale is having their annual "Allée des bouquinistes" where you can find real old books, postal cards and much more at a good price. They open form Friday to Sunday, but not sure about the hours. I went last year with my sister. It was fun. My sister could not help herself but to buy a couple of old books from there. 

The other thing I want to write about is that I received a book to review.

The Devil's Causeway: The True Story of America's First Prisoners of War in a Foreign Land, and the Heroic Expedition Sent to Their Rescue by 

It is a historical novel that sparkles my interest because we don't hear much about american solders being in Philippine.  I hope to have its review up by September when it will be officially published. 

So I hope all of you have a nice week and good luck to those who like me are preparing their return to school.

P.S. sorry there is no French of this, it is a spontaneous post. Bonne journée

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