Friday, June 15, 2012

Collection of Mini-reviews


Lol, I just wanted to write it even though it sounds lame!
Any ways, this mini-reviews of books I read awhile ago and still wanted to review them after all. 
I hope you enjoy them, and find something to your linking. 
Ill be posting a post/review a week. I would like to read more this summer so I'll stay at this slow rhythm for a while.

Ugly to Start With  by John Michael Cummings
This collection of short stories follows the same protagonist, Jason, through different periods of his life. Although  the stories are not truly connected, they all allow the reader to come to know Jason and how he develops his character through different encounters and events. Also, each story presents a subtle social issues that are present in the american society.  For me, Ugly to Start with is an example of how a story can be told with minimum words and still have all the necessary ingredients to tackle the imagination and make the reader aware of certain issues.

Despite the clever writing style, I did not enjoy reading the book. I found it sometimes difficult to concentrate, although the last story "The Sketch Project" was really well done. I liked how the issues of racial differences was presented through the relationship between Jason and Shani.


The Seed by Fola
This is a collection of philosophical short stories. The main theme is life, numbers and irony of life through its hardship and its coincidences. It is not an easy read because of the philosophical aspect of the stories, but once I changed into the "Plato" mode, I enjoyed some of them. One thing I did not like, but it might please other reader, was the resemblance between the name of the author and all the characters, Fola, Folases,, folates, etc. I think the style needs a little more refining but otherwise the content is good.

Let's Kill Uncle by Rohan O'Grady
This book has a magical feeling and a fantastic atmosphere. The way the author describes the scenery in what brings that effect. I felt a variety of emotions while reading this book. Most of them related to the characters. For example, I got upset at the the sergeant for not believing the kids. I loved the Goat Lady, she is so lovely and loving. I also was scared of Uncle, he is a very dark character with a double face. When I read the passage where it describes how Uncle killed Bernaby's family, I got the chills and stopped reading for a while. How can a man be so cruel just to gain money?
Any how, the story is not all dark and gloomy. There is actually a love story around the sergeant. It adds up to the books magic. And....I loves the cougar! I want one!!!.... Just kidding!
By the way, the story happens here in Canada!! Ya, for Canada!!


Bitter Melon by Cara Chow
I loved the book. You can't help but to feel the struggle of Frances. This Chinese girl is trying to find and define herself while struggling with the pressure of her mother and her community to get into med school. This is not fictional. This is actually the reality of many of the Chinese that I know or heard of which gives a more authentic sense to this fictional story. I felt sad for Frances. I hoped she could find a way to build a better relationship with her mother, but their different perspectives of life make it really hard. I cried , stopped moving in suspense and hoped with all my heart while reading this novel. The book gives the reader a small glimpse at hidden aspects of the Chinese culture.


Great Expectations by Charles Dickens
I received this book as a gift from my sister on my 15nth birthday. I waited 3 years to read it, but my English was still not mature enough to understand the full story. So I cheated a bit and watch the movie. It did help, but the movie is never the book. None the less, I really appreciated the linguistic challenge and would love to read another book from Dickens. I think Oliver Twist is a must.
Overall, Great Expectations has a wonderful story, many twists, surprises and some incomprehensible parts (for me anyway)

So did you read  all of that? I bet not! lol so do you like it? have you any other suggestions for me to read? don't be shy now!! 

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