Thursday, March 6, 2014

Review - Run, Swim, Throw, Cheat by Chris Cooper

I sought this book in the hope to understand the anti-doping system in the world of sports since I had an internship in one of the laboratories that specialises in the field.
Chris cooper truly knows how to deliver the complex science behind the doping and the anti-doping efforts in words that anyone can understand. The book went deep enough in the subject to please the simply interested and the expert.

One of the great strength of the book is that no concept is given without multiple examples that not only clarify it but also lightens the tone of the book.  It does not strain the mind with abstract theories about the reactional mechanisms in the body and help understand the reasoning of the doper and the dopee.
I am in ho no position to say if the book was comprehensive or not but it was a great help when I wanted to understand why certain products were banned, how they worked on the body and their use in the sporting context.
The book  is great non fiction work about the biochemistry and the science of doping in sports.

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